Powr-Flite Predator 14 Battery Powered Scrubber
Powr-Flite Predator 14 Battery Powered Scrubber
August 28, 2018
Powr-Flite Powr-Dryer 3-4 hp, 7.8 amp with handle-wheels
Powr-Flite Powr-Dryer 3/4 hp, 7.8 amp with handle/wheels
August 28, 2018
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Powr-Flite Powr-Dryer 1-2 hp, 4.8 amp with handle-wheels PD500DX

Powr-Flite Powr-Dryer 1/2 hp, 4.8 amp with handle/wheels PD500DX


Full-featured Powr-Dryer has the drying power for everything from delicate drapes to flooded sheetrock. Features maximum airflow in a streamlined housing designed to reduce performance loss.

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